About Local 562

The membership of Local #562 is composed primarily of plumbers and pipefitters. However, we also represent other bargaining groups such as coil cleaners, petroleum maintenance workers, lawn irrigation specialists, drain cleaners, and building maintenance workers. Each and every member of Local #562 is provided superior training and endeavors to work to the highest standard of craftsmanship. You will find on this site, a complete list of mechanical contractors and plumbing contractors that employ Local #562 members, as well as, individual lists segregating the contractors into job specific categories.

The work that is done by plumbers and pipefitters is often taken for granted. The plumber, quite literally, protects the health of the nation through the installation and maintenance of sanitary systems and appurtenances that every one of us uses everyday. The pipefitter installs all piping systems and equipment that provide our nation with the necessities of the comfortable lifestyle to which we have all become accustomed. Click on the following to get a more detailed job description of each trade: What is a plumber? What is a pipefitter?

A Local #562 member also realizes the importance of activities outside the workplace. Samuel Gompers, a key figure in the early American Labor Movement, encouraged union members to participate in politics and to vote with their economic interests in mind. In addition, he advocated the importance of the education of union members, and that they should contribute an earnest effort to making the lives of members worth living through public and community involvement. More than one hundred years later, the members of Local #562 understand that the principles and ideology put forth by the founding fathers of the American Labor Movement are still relevant in today's society. Some of the charitable, political, and community based activities of our Local are highlighted on other pages of this site.