What is a Plumber?

A plumber is a tradesperson who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, sewage, and drainage piping. Plumbers install and repair pipes, fittings, fixtures, and other plumbing equipment used for water distribution, waste water disposal, and venting in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.

Local #562 requires an apprentice to serve a 5-year apprenticeship.  The apprentice plumber is required to attend classes, in which the many facets of the plumbing trade are taught.  They are also required to learn the provisions of local and state-wide plumbing codes; after which, a formal test is administered.  In addition, the apprentice gains valuable job skills through their on-the-job training experience under the watchful eyes of journeymen and master plumbers.  It is only after all the educational and licensing requirements are met, that the apprentice becomes a journeyman plumber.  This insures that the construction consumer is provided with the most highly-trained, safe and efficient plumbers.  Equally important is the fact that our qualified plumbers, by virtue of their tacit knowledge of the trade and superior training, protect the health of the public.

A Master Plumber is one who has demonstrated mastery of the trade of plumbing within all facets of the craft:

Residential, commercial, institutional, multi-family dwellings, underground municipal and high volume, long distance, transmission systems. This type of "Master Plumber" may have worked in a single facet of the trade as a whole for many years, or may have experience in multiple facets of the plumbing trade. Master Plumbers must have worked a minimum of ten years in the plumbing trade and pass an extensive written test in order to have the qualifications and knowledge to execute the duties related to the title of “Master Plumber”. They typically provide consultancy and assistance to new plumbers in the trade, to developers, and other construction users. They are responsible for acquiring permits for plumbing installations, the training of the apprentice under their Master license and the installation of all the plumbing by all of the Journeypersons under his/ her Master license while overseeing large or small plumbing projects.