The leadership of Local 562 is mandated by our International Constitution and Bylaws, as well as our own Local Constitution and Bylaws. The elected officers consist of a Business Manager / Secretary – Treasurer, President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Executive Board, Finance Committee, Examining Board, and Inside Guards, and are responsible for the administration of the union. Just as important as the elected officers, the Business Representatives, and Organizers play a crucial role in the day-to-day operation of the union. Additionally, because of the size of our local, and the need for additional administrative assistance, the Business Manager has appointed members to aid the elected officials in the performance of their duties.


John J. O’Mara

Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer

Mark J. Collom

Director of Health and Welfare

Brian J. Nichols

Assistant Business Manager

Business Representatives

Christopher B. Chumley

Effective 2004

william j. Doherty Jr.

Effective 2018

Stephen p. Garner

Effective 2009

charles p. harr

Effective 2020

roy l. klebba

Effective 2021

Richard M. Kellet

Effective 2011

James J. Lane

Effective 2007

Mark V. Morgan

Effective 2008

Michael j. O’Connell III

Effective 2007

Thomas Malecek

Political Director 

Scott E. Ramshaw

Government Relations & Business Development

Frederick c. Searcy Jr.

Director of Minority Recruitment

Other Leadership


Brian J. Nichols

Vice President

Michael J. O’Connell III

Recording Secretary

Martin B. McClimens

Executive Board

Victor H. Amidon
Timothy D. Brice II
Richard M. Kellett
Scott P. Kiely

Finance Committee

Christopher M. Knight
Mark W. Mensio
James R. Sloan

Examining Board

Paul E. Gallagher
Kevin J. O’Mara
Jeffrey S. Siller

Inside Guards

Ryan M. Brzostowski
Amanda S. Dace
Andrew J. Finklang
Daryl W. Hunter